Working Out Again

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The wife and I joined LA Fitness last week to start working out again. I haven’t even touched the weights – Right now, I’m just jogging slowly on the treadmill while watching ESPN 😉

I’m impressed with LA Fitness. It has all the equipment you could need and several extra nice features. After you pay the enrollment fee, you can’t beat the monthly premium. Nice kids facility too!

We visited another gym in our area, but it was twice the price. After sitting in the lobby for 45 minutes waiting on our “appointment”, we just got up and left. Sure, they had a nice swimming pool and a rock climbing wall, but I’m not really into all that.

So far, I’ve lost a few pounds and my stress level has gone way down. Sitting in front of the computer all day is great for my SEO and PPC clients because I can take advantage of changes as they happen, but I’ve got to spend a little time at the gym so I can live long enough to see my kids have grown-up kids.

If you’ve got an LA Fitness in your area, I would suggest you at least take a look.


P.S. If you need help getting more customers, contact me because I can help you.

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