The First Post

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For a long time now, I’ve been wanting to write about my Dallas SEO search engine marketing life. Before I make any attempts at a single, succinct paragraph, let’s go with the tried and true who, what, why, where, when and how method:

Who should read this blog?
Anyone who’s ever asked, “What is search engine marketing?” should read this blog. I can’t tell you how often I’ve tried to explain to my friends and family members just exactly what it is I do all day. Usually, they just look back at me with a blank stare. They don’t get it. Honestly, I’ve quit trying to be eloquent. Now I just tell ’em, “I help people make money using the internet”. If you’re satisfied with that answer, you can quit reading now.

What is a search engine marketing life?
For me, life happens online. More specifically, life happens to me while I’m online. It’s business and it’s social all wrapped up together. While difficult to differentiate, both sides work together. Life is the ultimate content. Like a great translator easily interprets a foreign language, search engine marketing converts life to the currency of persuasion freely exchanged in cyberspace.

Why write about it?
While I loved my VIC-20 growing up, I was jealous when I found out one of my basketball buddies had a Commodore 64 with a modem. Not that staying up all night copying BASIC code from a magazine wasn’t fun, having that modem meant he was connected. He bragged about the bulletin boards he participated in and I wanted to be connected too. At our core, we are all defined by our connections. Show me your friends, your books, your home and I will tell you about your life.

Where will it be written?
As I sit here typing these words, my kids are running from my wife trying to make their last pre-bedtime stand. She tells me she’s going to start putting the kids to bed earlier because she needs more quiet time. She plops down next to me on the couch as the DVR finally starts back up and the sounds and images paused now come to life (minus the commercial breaks). Life happens everywhere, all the time. I’ll only write where life happens.

When will I post?
That’s the hard part. If I had the ability to automatically stream my thoughts directly into WordPress (the day is coming) then I would happily “auto-post” for you. Since that isn’t possible, I’m going to slow down the Twitter updates and give more attention to the blog. If you’ll leave your comments, I’ll be happy to post more frequently.

How to get the most from a search engine marketing life.
At the very least, you can bookmark the site or use the social tabs found at the bottom of this (and every) post. In the future, I’ll be integrating social media update widgets. In the header, you can find a link to my RSS feed where you can subscribe with your favorite reader or by email subscription. The best way is to participate. Correct, Rebuke, Encourage. Don’t be content to lurk… Live the search engine marketing life.


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