Sunday Morning Soup

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I’ve always loved Sunday mornings.

Doesn’t matter what the weather’s like outside. As long as it’s Sunday, I’m in for a good day… it’s an attitude.

The week started out with a bang. I’ve been testing a new strategy for contacting prospects. In search engine marketing, you’re either doing it yourself (or a friend- same thing), you’ve hired people to take care of it in-house, or you’ve hired an agency.

So, I’m going straight to the top of the food chain now. I’ll tell you who it works out in a second, but first take a look at what I’m telling them:

Dear Mr/Ms CEO,

Your online marketing blows. Here’s why…


You would be amazed at how many Fortune 500 websites don’t have a clue what they’re doing. They are spending thousands and tens of thousands of dollars a week on PPC. In some cases, a big majority of their spend is just getting flushed down the drain.

Never underestimate a corporation’s ability to waste money.

So, what are the results?

That’s the magic of going straight to the top.

The owner/president/ceo is concerned about the bottom line like nobody else in the business. They aren’t worried about losing their job if someone can do their PPC better than what they’re doing now.

All the CEO wants are results. “Tell me what is going to put more money in my pocket and I’m listening.” Better still, “Tell me how my competitors are beating me and taking my money, and I’m listening intently.”

Out of all the methods I have tested, going straight to the top beats them all.

One day this week, in 33% of my attempts to reach up to the top, I received at least an email back telling me they were interested and wanted me to talk to this or that person in their company.

That’s 1 in 3!

Okay, that’s all for this morning. Time to jump in the shower and get the family to church.


P.S. It’s called “Sunday Morning Soup” because it’s always a bunch of ideas thrown together into one post. This morning was a little more together that what you’ll usually get.

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