Selling Is Easy, Hard, and Tiring Work

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You’ve heard the saying, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!”

I bought into that brain-washing philosophy a long time before I finally figured out I’ve been working awfully hard. I’m not talking about back-breaking work. I’m talking about sales. It’s true, “Sales is the hardest easy work you could ever do.”

WARNING: Blatant Honesty
There’s nothing on the planet more tiring to me than selling. Talking on the phone, hammering out emails and creating proposals is hard work. I can wake up refreshed in the morning and be so exhausted by mid-afternoon that I’m dying for a nap. I haven’t done anything physical. I’m sitting in a chair thinking, typing and talking – that’s all! Why am I so stinkin’ tired?

Selling is easy for me though. I do in naturally. If my lips are moving, I’m selling something. Ask my wife… She’ll tell you that I never stop. I’ll sell you on the best… best place to eat dinner, best way to run a political campaign, best way to organize your AdWords campaigns. Just ask me, I’ll sell you on just about anything. It must be a first-born trait.

I wish I had a “selling switch”… some way to turn this off. It would be nice to just look at a situation, make a simple observation, enjoy the moment and not have my opinions bubble up inside me. Fortunately, God blessed me with the ability to keep my mouth shut – I have the good sense to keep some of my opinions to myself… sometimes. I just wish I could turn the “selling thoughts” off too, because my mind is always running, always thinking and always in gear.

Here’s the hard part about selling – knowing the who, what, why, where, when and how of sales. One wrong move, and you’re dead. You could have the best solution for your prospect, but approach the situation the wrong way, and you’ll never have the opportunity to advance your proposition.

Selling has much to do with timing. Timing takes discipline and experience.

Do you know how to develop discipline in selling?

Unless you’re a fool, you’ll develop discipline in selling from getting burned. It’s the same way a child learns about the dangers of hot stoves. You can say, “Don’t touch the stove. It’s hot!”, but does the kid believe you? Nope! How do they learn? – they touch the hot stove for themselves, get burned and develop some of that good, old-fashioned discipline.

Making the wrong move when you’re selling is like touching the hot stove. That’s where the experience factor comes in: Make enough bad moves when you’re selling and you’ll learn all you need to know about timing.

It is amazing how fast you can learn to sell if you’re willing to get burned.

Are you willing to get burned?

If not, go find another “easy” job!

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