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You may find the following email and my answer helpful if you are looking into driving new prospects to your real estate agency using any type of internet or search engine marketing program…

Hi there,

I would like to increase my ranking organically on major search engines for both REAL ESTATE, and OPEN HOUSES. If you type in almost any major city, such as SEATTLE REAL ESTATE in Google, comes up within the top 2 results. I would like to see if there is something that I can do to emulate their results but also focus specially on OPEN HOUSES. I have redesigned my website to list major metropolitan real estate markets on my home page. I am also going to have multiple articles on my site and I would like to do something with them to assist me in ranking higher. I am not sure how to go about it.

Please let me know if you also do anything with google analytics. I would like to have an expert assist me with this service as well. I am also looking to purchase keywords but I want to make sure that I can quantitatively measure their effectiveness.

Please let me know the next step… should we jump on the line?

[Name & Company Removed]

Short Answer: Yes, we can help you rank higher for your real estate keywords and help you install, monitor and understand Google Analytics.

Long Answer: Sometimes the best strategy is to shoot for long-tail keywords that still drive traffic while building momentum to knock off the major players in your niche. Focus less on rankings and more on ROI.

What are the keywords you can target right now to start bringing in revenue?

One way to figure out what the low-hanging fruit is… install Google Analytics and see what keywords you’re already getting traction with. Then, it is just a matter of making some small tweaks to increase revenue from those keywords.

If you want to “start buying keywords”, you’ll absolutely need to have your tracking in place. Otherwise, you should be satisfied with whatever results you get from BRAND ADVERTISING… forget direct marketing… you have no way to track your results without your analytics package in place.

Let’s get on the phone and talk about it!


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