Pay Per Click Management

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Google is making billions while you’re worried about making it through next month. You need professional help… now!

Sure, you’re making money using Google AdWords, but it makes you sick to think about how much money you might be burning on pay per click because you don’t have enough time to keep up with the latest strategies and optimization techniques.

Imagine what it feels like to make more money and spend less on advertising. You could go on vacation, hire extra office help or pay off a few invoices.

You are in business to make more money, right?

My name is Mike Coday, owner of Mansfield SEO. I’ve helped venture capitalists, small businesses, mom and pop shops and non-profits from all over the country. Recently, I worked with one of the Top 10 Search Engine Marketing Firms in the United States according to GoldlineResearch.

I’ve managed millions of dollars in pay per click advertising and optimized several websites for top results in competitive verticals. However, my specialty is generating roofing leads for small to medium sized roofing and construction companies. Simply put, I know how to make your phone ring with the fresh, hot leads you need to grow your business.

Pay Per Click PPC Management

  • Organize accounts for optimal results
  • Steady bid management strategy
  • Negative match research
  • Deep and wide keyword research
  • Landing page optimization
  • Split testing creatives
  • Performance reporting

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As a result of my unique insight, I can find and plug the money-sucking holes in any PPC campaign or tighten the ROI in your search engine optimization. Large corporations, small business owners and entrepreneurs from all over the world reach out to me when they need help managing their internet marketing campaigns.

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