Search Marketing Toothaches

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Nothing hurts like a toothache.

It’s the non-stop throbbing that just drives you insane.  I mean you can literally feel your heart beating in your jaw.

“Somebody just knock me out before it pulses again!”

I remember feeling that exact same way when my parents wanted to lecture me before a spanking (I grew up in the ’70s). I would sit on the edge of the bed and listen to all the reasons why I should never ever again do whatever it was I was guilty of doing.

Eventually, my eyes would slowly cross as I silently screamed, “SPANK ME NOW!!!”

Here’s the point

Human beings (and Americans in particular) like to be comfortable.

We (me included) go to great lengths to remove any source of agitation and get back to our comfort level. That’s why all types of pain relief (e.g. aspirin, liquor, drugs, etc) are big business.

Help enough people get out of pain and you’re in business.

In the world of search engine marketing, there’s no shortage of companies in pain. If they don’t have a headache now, they soon will. Their competitors are constantly changing bids. Ad rankings go up and down every hour. Sustaining your edge in search marketing is a 24/7/365 day a year job.

Do you really save money?

You can’t give the job to your IT manager and expect him/her to keep you from bleeding money while they’re trying to keep your servers from crashing.

You can’t realistically expect world-class performance from your college buddy who is going to “cut you a deal”. Using a professional search engine marketing agency only hurts when you write the monthly check… the pain quickly fades away when your advertising costs are slashed and your ad rankings move up.

Even if you’re able to get away with less than stellar performance now, the competition isn’t sitting around idle.

Your competition is constantly working on new ways, planning different strategies and developing cutting-edge techniques to beat you.

Like a cavity… it doesn’t hurt much today but ignore it and you’ll soon be wishing someone would just knock you out. Don’t worry – they will!


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