Nobody Escapes Unscathed

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Somehow I ended up reading a blog post complaining about Joel Osteen’s theology that linked to this article that mentioned Relient K’s song “Deathbed”.

Isn’t it crazy how fast you can jump to different topics on the web?

Anyway, thinking about the song made me think about missed opportunities. Basically, the song takes you through the life of a young man – through adulthood – and finally death. Each phase of his life is brilliantly illustrated as a miserable, failed tragedy.

Life starts out fresh, impressionable and hopefully optimistic. You’re not sure quite what to expect, but you’re almost positive it’s going to be something good… if you want to see what I’m talking about, tell your young children you’re taking them to Chuck E Cheese tonight and watch their eyes as they walk through the front door. That’s what I mean by fresh, impressionable and optimistic.

I like to say, “nobody escapes life unscathed by tragedy, hardship or difficulty”. I used to think I knew someone who was going to make it through unscathed, but then he got cancer… life can be tough. NOBODY ESCAPES!

Even my good friend Joel Osteen will be the first to tell you life can be tough. Hardships, difficulties and tragedy all make their way into our lives at one time or another. Everyone has a cross to bear.

For the record, I don’t want your cross… and you don’t want mine.

It is here, at the crossroads of life’s difficulties that we often miss our greatest opportunities. When you lean back on the sepulcher door of your failed dream to ponder your loss – your opportunity will appear.

Don’t miss it.


P.S. Just to be clear – I don’t know Joel. That was just an expression. My Papa knew Joel’s daddy, but that’s another story… one nobody wants to hear – unless you want to hear it, then I’ll make a post here on the website.

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