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About Mike CodayBack in 1988 I boarded a Greyhound Bus in the parking lot of our local auto parts store in my small, hometown of Cushing, OK — headed for the big city lights of Springfield, MO…never imagining I would end up in Mansfield, Texas.

Barely 18 and fresh off a miserable, two-year failed attempt at Christian Rock Stardom — the biggest disappointment of my life — I strutted to the back of the bus… bass guitar in hand… and scared to death.

The plan was to attend Bible College, talk a pretty girl into marrying me and spend the rest of our lives working in the ministry.

Everything was going according to plan for the first 10-15 years. We even settled down in Mansfield TX and started raising our two children, but then the church I helped start with my father-in-law suddenly went belly-up. I put everything into that church… my youth, my hopes, my future… and now it was over.

Devastated and depressed after the church we helped pioneer finally collapsed, my wife and I walked away from our dream for the last time in late October 2004.

Now What?

Roofing sales and telemarketing were all I knew outside of church work — jobs I took while supporting my ministry dream.

Since I was never, ever, never going back into telemarketing, we packed up the Jeep and moved to Pensacola, Florida. Broke and desperate, we figured our best chance of survival was to sell roofs in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan. Almost every roof up and down the gulf coast had just been blown off.

If we couldn’t make it there, we weren’t going to make it anywhere.

We didn’t make it!

After six miserable weeks that included almost every imaginable fiasco, my pregnant wife finally cried, “I want to go home!” Pulling back into our neighborhood in Mansfield was honestly one of the greatest feelings ever. There’s no place like home!

Marketing Success

Coming back home to Mansfield was the best decision we ever made!

We started working again on our own business — my roofing company that I marketed with a simple, basic website, a two-page sales letter, and a little door-to-door hustle. We pulled out of a desperate tight spot.

Years of hard work, failure and desperation sprung back to life, overnight!

Apparently, the marketing skills I picked up while struggling in the ministry all those years paid off. Family and friends started calling with their business challenges and we helped them succeed with a combination of search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click marketing (PPC), and sales training.

It’s like I turned into a marketing prophet — able to clearly see the future. I began building my own business, and the businesses of my friends and family, with relative ease.

Eventually I was hired to manage an online marketing group responsible for thousands of small to medium sized businesses at a Fortune 500 company. After a brief stint, stuck in the corporate cube, I went back full-time to the serial entrepreneur life.

Today, I would describe myself as an self-employed marketing consultant, sales trainer, author, speaker, husband, and sentimental family man.

Whether your business is located in Mansfield, TX or anywhere else in the United States, you can now apply to work with me and improve your business with SEO or PPC.

Mike Coday
Mansfield SEO
Mike Coday Marketing

You’re about to read some of the tips, tricks and strategies I’ve used to help me build other people’s businesses. I’m not shy about sharing my marketing stories. You can apply to work with me by clicking here.

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