Free Test: How Motivated Are You?

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There are less than 5 guys on the planet who get my complete, undivided attention when it comes to internet marketing. Jerry West is one of those guys. If you aren’t subscribed to Jerry’s newsletter, you are missing out on extremely valuable insight and information.

Jerry’s offering a free quiz to help you “find out where your real strengths and weaknesses are and what is holding you back. Take this survey, which usually runs about 12 minutes, and you will have new insights as to why you are frustrated in your business.”

Sometimes, it is more valuable to understand yourself than to understand your industry or your client. Take the quiz and feel free to come back here and discuss your results. Let’s talk about it.


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One thought on “Free Test: How Motivated Are You?

  1. Mike Post author

    Here’s my test results:

    Dear Mike,

    You scored highest as an Idea Machine. This means you thrive on and are inspired by your ideas. You are a free spirit that revels in being unique, which may help you to stand apart from the crowd. Because you are an idea generator, you may become restless and bored with projects once you start them, and bite your nails with the anticipation of beginning a new project. This may cause you to start many projects, but finish only a few.

    Here is your Coaching test Information:

    Idea Machine: 30
    Aims to Win: 30
    Fact Finder: 28
    Natural Teacher: 27
    Hands On Approach: 27
    Goal Oriented: 26

    Thank You

    Motivation Factor Index Explained

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