More Honor = More Humiliation

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In my first post about humiliation, I referenced the verse in Proverbs, “… humility goes before honor” and I was about to offer my opinion about the usefulness of this often unwanted position.

Now, where was I… Oh Yeah, I was telling you about selling vacuum cleaners and telemarketing health insurance leads for the NASE.

The Day The Compound Burned

I remember the month was April, it seems like everything crazy that happens in America happens in April, and I was sitting in the break room watching TV.

How could I forget that day?

was watching David Koresh’s compound down in Waco TX burn to the ground. Yeah, you remember where you were on that day too, don’t you?

Shortly after leaving my break, everyone in the office was called into the manager’s office to find out we were getting a $1 an hour cut in pay. He put it something like this, “If you don’t want to play, punt!”. Indignant – I quit on the spot. I don’t have to put up with this! Telemarketing is hard enough, and now you want to pay me even less to torture myself? I don’t think so!

Back at home (1 bedroom apartment), I explained the situation to my wife – who then told me I had to go back right away and beg for my job back.

So, I drug myself back to “Mr. Punt or Play” and humbly asked for my job handcuffs back. He took me back (after a short, well-deserved rebuke) and I hooked my weary ear up to that merciless auto-dialer for another several months while looking for a new, better-paying job.


As you can probably guess by the title above, I found a job doing contract labor for AT&T. At the time they were upgrading existing customers to their new (more expensive) business service. Once again, my weary ear was attached to the merciless auto-dialer… “Beep… Hello! This is Mike with AT&T. May I please speak with Mr. Jones?”

Somebody around there thought I was doing a good job. So, I was “promoted” to their new personal 800 service. After a few days of training, I was off and running taking phone calls (rather than making phone calls!). That’s when I had a earth-shattering enlightenment – There’s a world of difference when somebody calls you and when you have to call them.

Okay, time is ticking away again… hopefully, I’ll get to the usefulness of humility in my next post on this topic.

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