Jesus The Entrepreneur?

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The Entrepreneur?

Was Jesus an Entrepreneur?

I just finished reading this interesting quote over at “Your Eden Work”:

“…didn’t Jesus grow up in the house of a carpenter? I think most of them back then didn’t work for large corporations…they were entrepreneurs!”

My mind goes places it probably shouldn’t go… and I start asking questions.

My Dad used to say that society is held together by the questions we don’t ask.

Most folks will probably think that I’ve totally lost my mind (perhaps), but I thought I would post my questions anyway and hear what you think in the comments section below.

Are you ready?

Here’s a few of my questions…

What did Jesus do to drum up business when things got slow?

Did the second mile rule apply to carpentry jobs too?

For instance, what if the customer says, “I don’t like my chest of drawers Jesus. I’m not paying until you make it exactly the way I want – try again!”, would Jesus make the chest twice? Three times? Seventy times seven?

How did Jesus handle Account Receivable? Did he ever repossess his craftsmanship?

Did Jesus have a returns policy?

If he did, was it 30, 60, 90 days or longer?

Did you have to have your receipt or would Jesus just take it back “no questions asked”?

Would Jesus ever make a piece of furniture that was anything less than his best (even if it meant selling it as a lower-priced alternative)?

I’m not trying to be anything less than 100% Serious.

These are legit questions that come to mind when I think about Jesus being an entrepreneur.

The Son of God was a capitalist just like me?

Would he vote Republican too?

I’ve got to stop now, but I’m not sure I’ll quit thinking about this. Remember what my dad said, “society is held together by the thin thread of questions we refuse to ask.” I feel like I’m starting to unravel.

Well, I’ve got questions and I seriously want to know the answers.

No joke!

I enjoy my work and want to make sure I’m living up to my full responsibility as an entrepreneur.


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3 thoughts on “Jesus The Entrepreneur?

  1. Antony Davis

    Jesus was the greatest entrepreneur there was and for all you know ever will be! He was a kick ass salesman! He sold the whole world an idea. To be precise many great ideas!

    Think about it, which business runs for 2 millenniums! He ensured a process for able management to take things forward via what we call a pope who now manged stuff for him… He started up this massive club that people love and go to every weekend.

    Initially he started with just 12 employees to spread the word and boy they have done a great job!

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