I had a poor experience with another SEO company

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Here’s an excerpt from a recent letter I received.

As always, any personal information has been deleted:

Good Evening…. I have a few Window Blinds websites… one of them, [website url] hasn’t really taken off like we had planned. We have a few important key word phrases on page 5 of google… but really need some 1st page help…

The site has been covering its fixed costs… but that is about it…. I had a poor experience with another SEO company a few years back and am reluctant to sign a fixed monthly contract for service… but would be willing to share significantly in the company profits with someone who is willing to commit to the business’ success through improved rankings.

Please advise if this is something you are willing to consider. The Revenue and profits are transparent, posted on the tools area of the site and are easy to audit for your potential profit sharing arrangement.

Thank you for your time… [Name & Phone Number]

This letter came across my email at the right time. The week before, my daughter’s giant blind in her front window came crashing down without explanation.

My wife called me in to take a look because she was extremely upset.

The party was in a few hours and we needed to get it fixed or get a new window blind immediately. It is difficult to focus on marketing when my child’s blinds have fallen to the ground!

So, what did I do?

I went to my favorite search engine and did a quick search for window blinds. I didn’t even bother looking in the natural organic results because I wanted to find a retailer (not some wiki article on blinds).

I looked at several of the websites. They wanted the blind measurements in order to give me an on-the-spot estimate. So, I went back to my daughter’s room, made the measurements and plugged them into the website.

Her particular blind ran $120 to $150 depending on the website. Some offered free shipping while others had a reasonable shipping fee. All in all, here’s my feedback based on what I can remember:

  1. It was important to me what the website felt like when I first arrived. Did it have a modern, progressive feel or did it look like a hacked FrontPage template. You have got to look professional if you want people to pull out their credit card.
  2. I really like the drop down tool to give me an instant quote on my blinds. If you’re making people think too much (i.e. scanning through a long list of measurements in order to get their price), you’ll lose them. On the other hand, if you make them interact with you, they’ll stay around longer and possibly buy.
  3. Shipping is a big thing. I’m looking for lots and lots of trust symbols. Do you use UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL? Tell me how you’re going to get my order to me and tell me quickly. Don’t make me guess. I want to know when my order is going to arrive and how much it is going to cost me in the blink of an eye.

I can’t reveal the website URL for the site mentioned in the letter, but let me just say that it did not meet (2) of the requirements above. It was old and stale using out-dated graphics in weird places. It did use the drop down instant quote tool. However, shipping was not clearly stated. Oddly enough, shipping was free but I had to look for it.

If you’re giving away free shipping, yell it to me!


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