We’ll pass your concerns along to our agency

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Every once in awhile I get a return email that I find interesting. I’ll share them as they come in and then give you a little commentary (without revealing any names). Here goes the first one:

Michael –

Thanks for your interest; we have a search marketing agency that we work very closely with. On your screen shot, we are 4th in organic and it looks like 5th on PPC. We actively monitor these programs- based on our strategy – and will pass your concern on to the agency, but we are happy with our current positioning.

This particular company got an email from me pointing out a few basic mistakes they were making with their paid search campaigns… Costly mistakes since they like to bid on expensive keywords. I took a few screen shots and gave them the rough overview of what they were missing.

If you’re spending any significant amount of money advertising online, you’re either #1 doing it yourself, #2 having somebody you know do it for you or #3 have hired an agency.

In all three scenarios, nobody wants to admit they’re doing something wrong.

However, the most likely candidate is #1.

The owner/president/ceo are all concerned with the bottom line. Show them where they’re leaking money and you’ll at least get a response.

Basically, they’re saying, “Thanks for the input. We’re happy where we are at, but I’ll make sure and point it out to our current agency.”

In the immortal words of Jim Carrey, “So, you’re saying there’s a chance!”


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