Sorry, I’m not available today…

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importantMy wife likes to joke about me liking the computer more than her… or anyone else!

That’s her way of saying, “You better show me some attention – NOW!”

Since I’m not completely stupid, I’ll shut down the computer for several hours and join the land of the living.

Some days, I need to quit being the serial entrepreneur and concentrate on being my wife’s husband.

It’s not that I don’t know there’s a whole world going on outside of cyber-space – it’s just that I sometimes forget what’s really important. Days like today, Father’s Day, help bring things back into focus for me.

Running another landing page split-test or finding another 100 keywords to explore will seem like a trivial thing when I think back and wish I would have spent more time with the kids growing up.

The sad thing is, I hadn’t really noticed how much my daughter had grown until I took a good look at my screensaver . “Holy Cow! I think she’s getting taller”. I needed my screensaver to tell me that? (That’s why they call it a screen “saver”).

So, what am I going to do today – on this day devoted to Father’s?

  • I’m going look intently into the face of my wife and kids.
  • I’m going to have real conversations with the ones I love.
  • I’m going to connect with the people who most want to connect with me.
  • I’m going to think about what it means to be a son.
  • I’m going to be available for my family.

So, for all the people out there who just read this and are now wondering, “Hmm. So, does this mean I’m not going to hear back from Mike on my project today?”

Yeah, if that’s all you got out of reading this… that’s what it means.


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