Coupon Codes and The Economic Meltdown

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are you an extreme couponer?I reported earlier about my search for a coupon code while looking at winter boots for my daughter.

Coupons are a rising trend…

Here’s a great report from about the rise in coupon use:

Coupons Rising
Months before the credit crisis peaked, both comScore and Hitwise were already seeing coupon downloads rising. For instance, as far back as May, Hitwise reported that visits to coupon sites were up 85% year-over-year. Consumers were also spending 39% more time on these sites that the previous year, and searches for the term “coupons” were up 45%. Then in July, comScore observed that 59% of shoppers coupons were using coupons to save money.

There’s just no doubt in my mind that the recent bout with high gas prices has prompted all Americans to be more thrifty. I’m not convinced that the gas prices aren’t what got us in the economic meltdown in the first place.

For example, it was running me about $60 to fill up my economy car when we were pushing $4 a gallon. Now, it only runs me $25 and some change. At two tanks a week, I’m saving $70 a week… almost $300 bucks a month.

In a two car family, that’s $600 bucks a month. If one of your vehicles is a SUV, you’re probably thankful that your gas bill just went down $1,000 a month! As long as we can figure out what to do with the Pirates hijacking our gas, we should be able to stay at these levels.

No Wonder We’re In A Economic Meltdown!

When I was hunting around for a coupon code, I wasn’t alone. Millions of Americans are searching online for ways to save money. If your company doesn’t have a presence, contact me about helping you with your internet marketing.


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