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Local businesses need a local SEO marketing strategy now more than ever before.

Search Engine Optimization has become such a critical marketing element because bad search engine rankings can knock a local business out of many consumer’s consideration. If your business isn’t found when they search online, you are invisible.

Also, due to the increase in mobile search, as well as the instant gratification today’s customer demands, mobile optimized SEO is more important than ever for a local business.

Local business SEO targets a specific location (e.g. Mansfield, TX) with the specific keywords (e.g. Dentist, Landscaper, Electrician, etc.) your prospects are searching for on their smart phones, tablets, and computers.

When local SEO is professionally applied, your business gets a lot more visibility because your prospects will find you when they start searching online for what you do.

Examples of local SEO benefits for your business:

Optimized Business Directory Listings

Although most of us do, not everyone uses Google to search for what they need. Even if Google is where they start, they could end up searching on directory sites like YP, SuperPages, Yelp! or any number of other online directories listing businesses by service type and areas served.

Optimized business directory listings can help increase your search engine rankings, and also provide your target customers with more information about how your business can help them best when they are searching for your type of business.

Targeted Marketing Focus

Although most SEO campaigns tend to be generalized, focusing only on keywords and some general demographics, local search engine optimization for your business tightens the focus of your exposure to the cities you primarily serve.

By narrowing your geographic focus, you eliminate unnecessary competition and increase your visibility to your target city or cities (e.g. Mansfield, TX).

Personal Connections

Consumers prefer working with companies they’re able to connect with on a personal level. They’re not just purchasing a product or a brand; they’re purchasing local expertise and a personable experience. A local business can give customers the professional attention they want and need.

When your SEO campaign is optimized with locally-targeted content and keywords, you signal your willingness to make a strong connection with your customers. National brands may have several advertising advantages, but they often struggle to make the personal connections a local business can make with a smaller advertising budget.

Social Media Marketing

A local business can tailor their social media campaigns to the specific audiences and locations they serve, rather than a broad, generic audience.For example, a plumber in Mansfield, TX wouldn’t necessarily want to reach a nationwide audience talking about their drain cleaning, slab leak repair, or commercial plumbing services. They want to laser target their local area.

For example, a plumber in Mansfield TX wouldn’t necessarily want to reach a nationwide audience talking about drain cleaning, slab leak repair, or commercial plumbing. They will want to laser target their local city using social media.

Although not strictly SEO, an optimized Social Media Marketing campaign can help a local business improve their visibility among prospects and especially those past customers who are most likely to refer them to new business.

Better Business Rankings

You will almost immediately improve your chances of a higher ranking in the search engine results for your business with the optimization of your website’s content for local search using industry standard best-practices.

Even when a prospective customer does a search for a keyword related to what your business does, without using a location (e.g. Mansfield, Arlington, Fort Worth, etc.), local SEO can help your business appear higher on their search engine results page.

Good local SEO can reward your business with improved rankings in the search engines.

Marketing your local business on the search engines is no longer optional. If your customers can’t find your business when they search online, they’ll find your competition instead. Good, local rankings can give your future customers the confidence they need to do business with your business.

To get professional, certified help with your local SEO marketing, contact Mike today.

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